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CCCC Grants and Awards

CCCC offers numerous grants and awards for travel, research, publications, programs, and service, to name a few.  All CCCC awards are given annually and are presented at the CCCC Convention each year.  The following CCCC guidelines govern the creation, continuation, and granting of CCCC awards:

CCCC Guidelines for Submitting Proposals for New Awards
CCCC Process and Criteria for Assessing Award Continuation
CCCC Guidelines for Multiple Award Winners

Please follow the links below for detailed information on each award, criteria, and submission deadlines.

Leadership and Program Awards

Exemplar Award
Recognizes an individual who has served or serves as an exemplar for our organization. Deadline: November 1

Outstanding Teaching Award
Honors teaching and CCCC members who do their primary work in the classroom every day. CCCC offers two awards each year—one for an Emergent Outstanding Teacher and the other for a Sustained Outstanding Teacher. Deadline: July 1

Stonewall Service Award
Recognizes members of CCCC/NCTE who have consistently worked to improve the experiences of sexual and gender minorities within the organization and the profession. Deadline: November 1

Writing Program Certificate of Excellence
Awards up to 20 outstanding writing programs each year. Deadline: August 31

Publication and Scholarship Awards

Advancement of Knowledge Award
Presented annually for the empirical research publication that most advances writing studies. Deadline: July 15

James Berlin Memorial Outstanding Dissertation Award
Honors a graduate whose dissertation improves the educational process in composition studies, or adds to the field’s body of knowledge, through research or scholarly inquiry. Deadline: September 1

Lavender Rhetorics Award for Excellence in Queer Scholarship
Presented annually to four works (one book, one article or book chapter, one dissertation, and one nontraditional scholarly text) published within the past two years that best make queer interventions into the study of composition and rhetoric. Deadline: August 1

Outstanding Book Award
Presented annually to the author(s) or editor(s) of two publications—one award for a single-authored or multi-authored work and one award for an edited collection of scholarly work—published up to two years previously that make an outstanding contribution to composition and rhetoric. Deadline: May 1

Outstanding Dissertation Award in Technical Communication
Given for an outstanding dissertation in Technical Communication. Deadline: October 15

Research Impact Award
Presented annually for the empirical research publication that most advances the mission of the organization or the needs of the profession. Deadline: July 15

Richard Braddock Award
Presented to the author of the outstanding article on writing or the teaching of writing in the CCCC journal, College Composition and Communication, during the year ending December 31 before the annual CCCC Convention.

Technical and Scientific Communication Awards
Accepting nominations for outstanding books and articles in technical and scientific communication in six categories. Deadline: June 1

Wikipedia Initiative Award for Contributions to Public Knowledge
Provides professional recognition for CCCC members who are engaging with Wikipedia as a form of global public scholarship. Deadline: March 1

Research Grants

Emergent Researcher Awards
These awards are intended to invest in our organization’s members by rewarding and supporting: early career researchers; writing faculty/instructors who have not had the opportunity to engage in funded research; and/or writing faculty/instructors who do not have support for research within their institutions. In addition to research funding (up to $5,000 per project), the Emergent Researcher Awards also provide research support. Deadline: September 1

Research Initiative
CCCC funds research proposals up to $8,000 each. Deadline: September 1

Travel Awards

Assistance Fund for Contingent Faculty
Presented annually to contingent faculty at two-year colleges and four-year colleges and universities to travel to the CCCC Annual Convention. Deadline: December 31

Chairs’ Memorial Scholarship
Scholarships of $750 each to help cover the costs of four graduate students who are presenting at the annual conference. Deadline: October 10

Disability in College Composition Travel Awards
Six travel awards designed to support scholarship dedicated to improving knowledge about the intersections of disability with composition and rhetoric, the value of disability as a source of diversity, inclusive practices and the promotion of access, and the value of disability as a critical lens. Deadline: October 10

Gloria Anzaldúa Rhetorician Award
Supports graduate students or first-time presenters whose work participates in the making of meaning out of sexual and gender minority experiences with up to three $750 awards for travel to the CCCC Convention. Deadline: October 10

The Luiz Antonio Marcuschi Travel Awards
Two $1,000 travel reimbursement awards are available to scholars living and working/studying in Mexico, Central, or South America who have papers accepted for presentation at the CCCC Convention. Deadline: June 15

Professional Equity Project
$330 grants, offered for part-time or adjunct faculty or independent scholars, including community partners and scholars outside of the discipline, to attend the CCCC annual convention. Priority will be given to teachers of writing with part-time or adjunct status. Deadline: November 1

Scholars for the Dream Travel Award
Encourages scholarship by historically underrepresented groups, offering up to twenty $1,000 grants in two categories for travel to the CCCC conference. Deadline: October 10

Tribal College Faculty Fellowship
CCCC offers two fellowships in the amount of $1,500 each to faculty members currently working at tribally controlled colleges or Native American-Serving Nontribal Institutions to attend the CCCC conference. Deadline: November 15

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