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Studies in Writing & Rhetoric (SWR) Series

The CCCC Studies in Writing and Rhetoric Series (SWR), established in 1984, supports research that explores how writing, rhetoric, and literacy are currently and have been historically taught, learned, practiced, and circulated within communities, whether in colleges, workplaces, or neighborhoods, local, national, digital, or international contexts. The series also focuses on supporting a broad range of projects that accurately represent the diverse identities of teachers, learners, administrators, and researchers involved in writing, rhetoric, and literate activity, addressing the cultural, social, political, and material realities that define their work. Work published in SWR seeks to identify and resist the inequities and forces of oppression that shape the teaching of writing, rhetoric, and literacy as well as to intervene in them. The series aspires to be global both in scope and reach, and is dedicated to the use of digital technologies that ensure its publications are accessible and available to a national and international audience.

Newest SWR Books

The Hands of God at Work: Islamic Gender Justice through Translingual Praxis
Author: Amber Engelson
ISBN: 9780814101766
Drawing from ethnographic data collected in Indonesia from 2009 to 2022, Engelson explores how an English-medium Indonesian PhD program in interreligious studies and three Muslim scholar-activists activate knowledge where languages intersect, a process mediated by material circumstances within Indonesia and voices past, present, and future that both are audience to and transcend the traditional geographic and discursive borders associated with them.

Queer Techné: Bodies, Rhetorics, and Desire in the History of Computing
Author: Patricia Fancher
ISBN: 9780814101735
Drawing on archival materials from the Manchester University National Archive for the History of Computing, Fancher first analyzes the technical and scientific writing of Alan Turing and then places Turing’s work in the context of queer friends who collaborated with him and within a community of women whose labor forms the foundation of computing operations. Fancher argues for the importance of embodied experiences, gender, and sexuality as central lenses for understanding technical communication as well as technical innovation.

Living English, Moving Literacies: Women’s Stories of Learning between the US and Nepal
Author: Katie Silvester
ISBN: 9780814101704
Based on an ethnographic study in Nepal spanning a decade, Silvester speaks with and to the stories of Bhutanese women in diaspora learning English later in life during resettlement and in the context of waves of social change brought on by the end of their asylum. The book provides insight for teaching literacies across cultural landscapes.

Recollections from an Uncommon Time: 4C20 Documentarian Tales
Editors: Julie Lindquist, Bree Straayer, and Bump Halbritter
ISBN: 9780814139523
Originally intended to document the 2020 CCCC Convention experience, this book became a means for documentarians to share a common experience in the uncommon time of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Read an open-access version of this book at the WAC Clearinghouse.

Transfer in an Urban Writing Ecology: Reimagining Community College–University Relations in Composition Studies
Authors: Christie Toth with Joanne Castillo, Nic Contreras, Kelly Corbray, Nathan Lacy, Westin Porter, Sandra Salazar-Hernandez, and Colleagues
ISBN: 9780814155189
Combining student writing, personal reflection, and academic analysis, this book urges, documents, and helps to enact more transfer-conducive writing ecologies.

Teachers Talking Writing: Perspectives on Places, Pedagogies, and Programs
Author: Shane A. Wood
ISBN: 9780814152768
Shane A. Wood offers a collection of conversations about the theory and teaching of writing in postsecondary contexts.
Read an open-access version of this book at the WAC Clearinghouse.

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