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A Directory of Rhetoric and Writing Research Centers, 2000-2010

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The following center directory assembles information collected from center articles, reports, newsletters, and websites, as well as from interviews with various center personnel. The list has been verified as of 2010; however, it is not comprehensive. Please contact CCCC to add to this list, share center strategies, and develop connections that will perpetuate the associative work of research centers in rhetoric and writing.  You can also engage in conversations about this work in the CCCC Connected Community.


The Center for Writing Excellence  |  2000

Location:  Ohio University

Served as Directors:  Sherrie Gradin, Paul Shovlin


The Center for the Study of Urban Literacies  |  2001

Location:  University of California at Los Angeles

Served as Directors:  Kris Gutierrez, Carlos Tejeda

Affiliated Names: Manuel Espinoza, Mariana Pacheco, Jolynn Asato, Katey Olsen, Hector Alvarez, Miguel Zavala, Diana Careaga, Claudia Esqueda, Ignacio Ferrey


Usability Research Laboratory  |  2002

Location:  Texas Tech University

Served as Directors:  Joyce Carter, Brian Still

Affiliated Names:  John Morris


Center for Writing, Language, and Literacy  |  2003

Location:  University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Served as Directors:  Deborah Bosley

Affiliated Faculty:  Lil Brannon, Tony Scott, Blair Rudes, Malin Pereira, Kirk Meinikoff, Jeffrey Leak, Tony Jackson, Linda Hoffman, Lara Vetter, Aimee Parkison, Boyd Davis, Jennifer Munroe, Chris Davis, Susan Gardner, Beth Gargano, Jim McGavran, Marty Settle


Writing in Digital Environments  |  2003

Location:  Michigan State University

Served as Directors:  Jeffrey Grabill, James Porter, William Hart-Davidson

Affiliated Faculty:  Danielle Nicole DeVoss, Mary Hocks, Ellen Cushman, Martine Courant Rife, Janet Swenson

Affiliated Graduate Students:  Troy Hicks, David Sheridan, L. Smith, Mike McLeod, Nicole Ellison, Brent M. Donnellan, Richard Lucas, Stan Soffin, Stewart Whittemore, Kym Buchanan, Amy Diehl, Jim Ridolfo, T. Smeltkop, M. Penniman, K. Leon, S. Webb, G. Bernhardt


James R. Squire Office of Policy Research  |  2004

Location:  University of Michigan

Served as Directors:  Anne Ruggles Gere

Affiliated Graduate Students:  Laura Aull, Hannah Dickinson, Melinda McBee Orzulak, Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, Chris Gerben, Tim Green, Stephanie Moody, Evelyn Moody


Communication across the Curriculum  |  2004

Location:  Louisiana State University

Served as Directors:  Lillian Bridwell-Bowles

Affiliated Names:  Karen L. Powell, Tiffany Walter Choplin


Studio for New Media Studies  |  2005

Location:  Iowa State University

Served as Directors:  Geoffrey Sauer


Community Literacy Center  |  2005

Location:  Colorado State University

Served as Directors:  Tobi Jacobi, Fabiola P. Ehlers-Zavala

Affiliated Names:  Heidi Scott, Renee Rallo, Maureen Dattlio, David Redus, Sydney Fox


Center for the Study of Rhetoric in Society  |  2006

Location:  Virginia Tech

Served as Directors:  Kelly Belanger

Affiliated Faculty:  Bernice Hausman, Carolyn Rude, Paul Heilker, Aileen Murphy, Diana George, Carlos Evia, Katy Powell, Clare Dannenberg, Shelia Carter-Tod, Kelly Pender, Katie Fallon, Jim Dubinsky

Affiliated Graduate Students:  Libby Anthony, Megan Fisher, Brian Gogan, Heidi Lawrence, Kara LaFleur, Nita Newswander, Ashley Patriarca, Amy Reed


Center for Democratic Deliberation  |  2006

Location:  Penn State University

Served as Directors:  Cheryl Glenn, Michael Hogan

Affiliated Faculty:  Lori Bedell, Thomas Benson, Michael Berkman, Michael Berube, Christian Brady, Steven Browne, Guoray Kai, Suresh Canagarajah, Davin Carr-Chellman, Jack Carroll, Chris Castiglia, John Christman, Rosa Eberly, Jeremy Engels, Eric Fuchs, Keith Gilyard, Nichola Gutgold, Lisa Hogan, Heather Holleman, Philip Jenkins, Christopher Johnstone, Janet Lyon, Jonathan Marks, Matt McAllister, Danielle Mitchell, Alfred Mueller II, Jeff Nealon, Jessica O’Hara, Mary Beth Oliver, Jon Olson, Eric Plutzer, Veena Raman, Stuart Selber, Jack Selzer, Graham Spanier, Susan Squier, Jane Sutton, Molly Wertheimer, Xiaoye You

Affiliated Graduate Students: Veena Raman, Joshua A. Miller, Matt Weiss, Kevin Browne, David Green, Heather Adams, Jessica Bargar, Mia Briceño, Michael Faris, Holly Gates, Mary Haman, Anne Harries, Mark Hlavacik, Hillary Jones, Una Kimokeo-Goes, Rebecca Wilson Lundin, Kristin Mathe, Sara Ann Mehltretter, Eric Miller, Ersula Ore, Adam Perry, Brandy Scalise, William Schraufnagel, Jessica Sheffield, Stacey Sheriff, Bonnie Sierlecki, Frank Stec, Matt Weiss 


New Media Writing Studio  |  2006

Location:  Texas Christian University

Served as Directors:  Carrie Leverenz

Affiliated Faculty:  Curt Rode, Melanie Kill, Jonathan Crimmins

Affiliated Graduate Students:  Kristi Serrano


Howe Center for Writing Excellence  |  2008

Location:  Miami University-Oxford

Served as Directors:  Paul Anderson

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