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Call for Submissions: CCCC 2024 Convention Companion Publication

In September 2023, the CCCC Officers announced that CCCC 2024 will be a reimagining of the Convention as we know it through what they referred to as a distributed, semi-synchronous hybrid model for CCCC 2024. In an effort to increase access and opportunity for CCCC members to participate in the Annual Convention and enjoy the professional rewards associated with presentation and publication in CCCC venues, we are calling for those intending to submit papers to be considered for the CCCC 2024 Convention Companion Publication to complete this form by the extended deadline of January 5, 2024. Following the Intent to Submit form’s completion, paper submissions are due by January 29, 2024. Papers may be up to 2,000 words in length (the equivalent of six pages, similar to that of a short roundtable paper).

The highest priority will be placed on publishing the papers of CCCC members whose proposals were accepted for presentation at the 2024 CCCC Annual Convention but who are unable to attend for one or a number of the following reasons:

  • Health (disability, physical or mental illness, or caregiving responsibilities)
  • Religious observances (Ramadan or other religious accommodations)
  • Funding (graduate students, adjunct faculty, and international scholars)
  • Employment precarity (graduate students, adjunct faculty and lecturers, those experiencing austerity cuts at their institutions)

The CCCC 2024 Convention Companion Publication will be made available for free to all CCCC members on the new NCTE publications platform, with print-on-demand copies of the volume available for purchase, expected in June 2024.

Who’s invited to submit a proposal?

We welcome proposal submissions from the following groups:

A. Those whose CCCC 2024 proposal was accepted, yet they are unable to attend the convention in person due to extenuating circumstances (e.g., health-related issues including immunocompromised individuals, need-based issues including funding inaccessibility and cost barriers, religious commitments, etc.).

B. Those who did not submit a CCCC 2024 proposal as a result of concerns related to being immunocompromised, funding inaccessibility or cost barriers, or having religious commitments that would make attendance difficult.

Again, please note that preference will be given to those who are unable to present at the 2024 CCCC Annual Convention because of accessibility, health related issues, or religious commitments.

How to submit

  1. Complete the Intent to Submit form by the extended deadline of January 5, 2024. Submitters will be notified when the platform to submit papers is open for submissions. Note: If you did not submit a CCCC 2024 proposal as noted in item B under “Who’s invited to submit a proposal?” above, you will be asked to provide a brief abstract for your paper on the Intent to Submit form.
  2. Submit your paper (no more than 2,000 words in length including any notes and references) by January 29, 2024. Additionally, papers should:
    • be in Times New Roman, 12-point font;
    • be double-spaced; and
    • saved as an MS Word file.

Please email with questions.


November, 2023
CFP and intent to submit form posted

Extended Deadline: January 5, 2024
Intent to submit form due

January 29, 2024
Papers due

January–February, 2024
Papers reviewed by Editorial Management Team: Antonio Byrd, Romeo Garcia, Jamila Kareem, Amy Lueck, Ligia Mihut, Timothy Oleksiak, Zhaozhe Wang, and Kim Wieser

February 26, 2024
Decisions sent

March–April, 2024
Editing and review of page proofs

June 2024
Proceedings published

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