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Assistant Chair (4-year term to serve through the CCCC Chairs’ Rotation)


When you agree to accept the nomination for Assistant Chair, you are making a serious four-year commitment as an Officer of CCCC. You may wish to consider the following issues before deciding on your candidacy:

1. Travel and Time Commitments

You must attend a one-time orientation retreat and three annual meetings for four consecutive years. In addition, the CCCC Officers meet via conference call monthly or every two months, depending the time of year.

    • Attend an orientation retreat at the NCTE Annual Convention following
      election/preceding the start of the four-year term.
    • CCCC Convention, including two Officers’ Meetings (Tuesday afternoon; conference call the week following the convention), one Executive Committee meeting (all day Wednesday), Reception for new Executive Committee Members (Wednesday evening), Opening General Session (Thursday morning), Scholars for the Dream Breakfast and/or evening reception (Thursday morning/evening), Award Session (Friday evening), and Annual Business Meeting (Saturday morning).
    • CCCC Officers’ Meeting in January (Arrive Friday afternoon, meet all day Saturday and a half day Sunday, return home on Sunday afternoon/evening).
    • NCTE Convention in November, CCCC Officers’ Meeting (Saturday afternoon),
      Executive Committee Retreat (Sunday afternoon), and Executive Committee Meeting (Monday)

You must attend the following additional meetings:

  • As Assistant/Associate Chair, you will be planning the CCCC Convention.
  1. One trip to Urbana is required in June or July after election for Stage II of review process (four days).
  2. An optional second trip for site inspection.
  • As Assistant Chair, you will attend the following at the NCTE Convention in preparation for your service on the NCTE Executive Committee:
    1. NCTE Executive Committee orientation on Tuesday before the start of the Convention; and
    2. NCTE Executive Committee meeting on Sunday during the Convention, as a non-voting member.  
  • As Associate Chair/Chair, you will represent CCCC on the NCTE Executive

The NCTE Executive Committee meets four times annually:

  1. November NCTE convention (Wed. pre-convention and Sun. during convention)
  2. Executive Committee and Convention Planning Meeting in Washington, DC, in February/March (2.5 days with EC and 1.5 days for Convention Planning)
  3. May (online budget approval meeting)
  4. July/August in Urbana (Thurs. evening – Sun. noon)
  • As Chair, you will represent CCCC on the NCTE College Forum Committee.   
    The NCTE College Forum Committee meets during the summer NCTE EC Meeting.
  • As Immediate Past Chair: Serve on the CCCC Nominating Committee and the CCCC Convention Concerns Committee for two years

2. Institutional Support and Commitments

  • Financial

In the past, Chairs have typically garnered support from their institutions for a 50%
graduate assistant and/or professional clerical staff to help during the year of convention planning. This financial commitment is not a determining factor in selecting Chairs candidates, but it is nonetheless an important consideration to  take into account.

  • Release Time

Most chairs have negotiated time/course release with their institutions for the year of convention planning. We recommend holding preliminary conversations with your department chair and dean about possible release time and financial support.

Candidates agree not to campaign during the election process.

NCTE Policy on Campaigning

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