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Current CCCC Task Forces

CCCC Task Force: Phase II Website Redesign (March 2021)

Melissa Helquist, Chair
Sara Alvarez
Ben Lauren
Claire Lutkewitte
Mary McCall
Shane Wood
Remi Yergeau


  1. Review the report from the Phase I redesign team;
  2. Recommend a CCCC website redesign/redesign the CCCC website based, at the very least, on the report from the Phase I team; and
  3. Meet with current CCCC Chair at the task force’s first meeting to establish scope of work.
Task Force on Assessing the Experience of African American Members of CCCC for Equity, Understanding, and Change with CCCC/NCTE (November 2021)

Neisha-Anne Green, Co-Chair
David F. Green, Co-Chair
Antonio Byrd
Collin Craig
Brandon Erby
Alicia Kristina Hatcher


  1. Create a survey asking for Black members to share what their experiences are and have been and focusing on change.
  2. Work with the current chair to establish two additional concrete charges for this task force based on focusing on Black/African American experiences.
Task Force on Assessing Whiteness for Equity, Understanding, and Change within CCCC/NCTE (December 2022)

Frankie Condon, Co-chair
Mara Lee Grayson, Co-chair
Clare Bermingham
Cheryl Glenn
Doug Kern


  • To work with the Chair of CCCC within the first two weeks of Task Force formation to develop a robust charge that encompasses the following objectives outlined by the current chair of CCCC:
  • To be courageous and bold in pursuing the following:
    • Assess the operation of white privilege, whiteliness, and whiteness within CCCC and NCTE
    • Survey and expose tacit and intentional racism within CCCC and NCTE
    • Detail how within CCCC and NCTE whiteness and racism or antiracism activities have historically effected leadership roles and members within the organization
    • Identify any “unwritten rules” that have a disparate impact on minorities, and that may intentionally or unwittingly buttress white privilege
    • Consult with members of colour in CCCCs, listening to their concerns and feedback
    • Consult with other members of all backgrounds listening to their concerns and feedback


  • Imagine and offer tangible options for what might be done to advocate for recognition and intervention in the problem of white privilege, whiteliness, and whiteness as they function within CCCC and NCTE.
  • Make recommendations for action to the Executive Committee by November 2020.

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