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Resources for Women in Community Colleges and Adjuncts in Community Colleges

Books and Articles

Clark, Sandra L. “Women Faculty in Community Colleges: Investigating the Mystery.”
Community College Review, Vol. 26, 1998.
Note: “The author reviews recent literature on women faculty in higher education and in two-year institutions specifically.”

Dugger, K. “Women in Higher Education in the United States: I. Has There Been Much
” International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, Vol. 21, 2001.  
Note: Because of economics, community colleges rely more heavily on adjunct and non-tenured faculty.

FORUM: Newsletter for issues about part-time and contingent faculty is a newsletter on
contingent, adjunct, and part-time faculty issues in college composition and communication. This newsletter is published twice annually (alternately in CCC and TETYC) and is sponsored by the Conference on College Composition and Communication.

Gahn, Sandra and Susan B. Twombly. “Dimensions of the Community College Faculty
Labor Market.
”  The Review of Higher Education. Vol. 24, Spring 2001.
Note: Looks at student and faculty demographics.

Hendrix, Katherine Grace. Ed. Neither White Nor Male: Female Faculty of Color. New
Directions for Teaching and Learning, No. 110. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2007.  Reviewed by Sharon L. Holmes. The Review of Higher Education 31.3 (2009) 367-68.

Jaschik, Scott. “The Adjunctification of English.” Inside Higher Ed. 11 12 2008. 
Note: Provides highlights of MLA’s “Education in the Balance: A Report on the Academic Workforce in English.” Part-time faculty make up 68% of English teachers in two-year institutions; 40% of English teachers at four-year institutions. Site allows for comments.

Jaschik, Scott. “Evaluating the Adjunct Impact.” Inside Higher Ed. 6 11 2008.
Note: Provides review of studies presented at the Association for the Study of Higher Education and includes studies on community colleges—including impact on transfer. Site allows for comments.

Jaschik, Scott. “The Teaching Paradox.” Inside Higher Ed. 29 12 2008.
Note: Provides highlights of the MLA “associate Professor survey,” focusing on gender differences. Acknowledges low response rate from two-year colleges. Site allows for comments.

Outcalt, Charles. Ed. Community College Faculty: Characteristics, Practices, and
Challenges: New Directions for Community Colleges
. No. 118. San Francisco:
Jossey-Bass, August 2002.
Note: The volume examines the practices and attitudes of particular groups of instructors, including part-timers, female faculty, and faculty of color.

Wolf-Wendel, Lisa, Kelly Ward, Susan Twombly. “Faculty Life at Community Colleges:
The Perspectives of Women With Children
.” Community College Review Vol. 34, 2007.


American Association of for Women in Community Colleges. Divided into 10 geographic regions.


Tips on Getting a Community College Presidency.” Women in Higher Education 2009.

Inside Higher Education, while it covers a variety of issues in academe, the allows for commenting—blog like—in response to articles. In addition, the site is easily searchable by subject matter.

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