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Top Intellectual Property Developments of 2008


Clancy Ratliff, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Co-Chair, 2009 CCCC Intellectual Property Caucus

I am happy to announce the fourth CCCC Intellectual Property Annual and my second Annual as editor, and I hope that you, the readers, will find that the articles help to achieve our committee’s first charge, to keep the rhetoric and composition community informed about developments related to intellectual property that affect our work as teachers and scholars.

While the CCCC Intellectual Property Caucus has studied many issues related to copyright and intellectual property, access to a public domain of scholarship, teaching materials, art, literature, music, science, and more, especially for students and teachers at small, underfunded universities, is at the heart of the Caucus’ activity. The topic, for example, of most of the articles in the past four years of annuals is fair use and access, and this year’s edition is no different; you will find articles about fair use, open access, and orphan works.

Like last year, I have licensed the 2009 Annual under a Creative Commons Attribution, No Derivative Works, Noncommercial Use license to facilitate the publication of this collection on other sites. Also, as I wrote in the introduction for the last collection, I want to emphasize that derivative works are permitted for purposes of accessibility (creating an audio recording for the visually impaired, for example). Also, I am making the collection available for download in Open Document Format as well as a PDF file.

Writing teachers are fortunate that more content than ever is available for potential use in classrooms. Old films and television shows are released on DVD every day. Archives are available in public institutional repositories set up by universities and government organizations. New content released under Creative Commons licenses is uploaded constantly. The IP Caucus will continue to chart this effort and contribute to it.

Settlement of Suit against Google Book Search Leaves Fair Use Issue Unresolved

Kim Dian Gainer, Radford University

Warner Brothers and J. K. Rowling v. RDR Books: Fair Use and the Publication of Fan Guides

Laurie Cubbison, Radford University

Open Access in 2008: The Harvard Policy and the APA’s Attempt to Profit from the NIH Open Access Mandate

Clancy Ratliff, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

“It’s A Hard Knock Life”: The Plight of Orphan Works and the Possibility of Reform

Traci A. Zimmerman, James Madison University

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