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Remembering Ghosts and the Rhetoric of Collaboration: A Play and Text for Teachers and Writers

 Keith Dorwick, Bob Mayberry, Paul M. Puccio,

and Joona Smitherman Trapp


A collection of interwoven visual, oral, and written texts, “Remembering Ghosts and the Rhetoric of Collaboration: A Play and Text for Teachers and Writers” looks at our memories of those teachers and students who come before and after us, as both am critical essay and a play of voices that haunt us.

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Authors:Keith Dorwick, Associate Professor of English at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and editor of the online journal Technoculture, explores queer studies, drama and other hauntings. These appear as video/audio installations, as critical articles in journals such as Computers and Composition, and The Journal of Bisexuality, and as book chapters in edited collections.

Bob Mayberry is haunted by ghosts of his former self. As the former composition director at four institutions (most recently, Cal State Channel Islands, where he still teaches), he has buried many skeletons in institutional closets. When he enters a classroom, he sees ghosts. As a playwright, he just completed a project that has haunted him for 25 years—a cycle of eight plays about the Donner Party. The ghosts of those unfortunate emigrants whisper to Bob in the dark.

Paul M. Puccio is Associate Professor of English at Bloomfield College in New Jersey. He also serves as dramaturge for 4th Wall Theatre Company. His current research involves memory, ghosts, and narrative structure in musical theatre.

Joonna Smitherman Trapp is the Chair of English and Foreign Languages Department at Waynesburg University. She also co-edits the Journal of Expanded Perspectives on Learning (JAEPL). With a keen interest in the gothic, she is aware of the rhetorical power of ghostly visitors.

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