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CCCC is calling on its members to take part in our Wikipedia Initiative. As one of the five most visited websites in the world, Wikipedia has emerged within living memory as a key knowledge-broker and perception-shaper for readers and writers worldwide. CCCC Wikipedia Initiative programs and events offer support and structure for CCCC members’ work as editors of Wikipedia so that we can more fully and accurately represent the work of our discipline to students, scholars and teachers, administrators, and the global public.

The core goal of the CCCC Wikipedia Initiative is to foster the community building and organizing necessary for our profession to develop high-quality Wikipedia articles related to our research and areas of expertise. To this end, we aim to

  • Expand Wikipedia’s coverage of Rhetoric and Writing Studies topics to be comprehensive and up-to-date;
  • Verify that article content is based on reliable secondary sources and represents disciplinary controversies and consensus fairly;
  • Revise and edit toward article quality measures for Good Article or Featured Article status.

Writing our knowledge into Wikipedia is one important way we can address knowledge gaps, imbalances, and misinformation online.

All CCCC members are encouraged to join in!

  1. Register your Wikipedia account with the Initiative so that we can track our progress as a community.
  2. Learn more about experts editing Wikipedia.
  3. Follow us on Twitter using the hashtag #CCCCWI.
Edit-a-Thons and Editing Workshops

The CCCC Wikipedia Initiative will host its first annual edit-a-thon at CCCC 2020. Stay tuned for details.

Learn to Edit Wikipedia

Interested in learning to edit Wikipedia alongside other academics? We have partnered with the Wiki Education Foundation to join the Wiki Scholars Program. Participants learn how to contribute to Wikipedia and make substantial improvements to at least two articles. A staff of Wikipedia experts provides training and guidance throughout the process, through both structured group settings and personalized one-on-one communication. The program requires a 3-hour/week time commitment over 12 weeks. Application coming soon.

Teach with Wikipedia

Interested in teaching with Wikipedia? The Wiki Education Foundation offers training modules as well as editing/tech support for you and your students as part of their Student Program. Wikipedia-based writing and research assignments work in both graduate and undergraduate courses, and can be amazing opportunities to make student writing valuable beyond the classroom. The information and ideas you teach deserve a global audience. Get started here.


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