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What do our students believe it means to be a college- and career-ready writer?
National and state policies are being implemented based on a particular vision of what it means to be college and career ready. It appears that these policies haven’t been informed by important statements from our professional community (see the Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing) or by the actual experiences and expectations of college students themselves. We need to change that….

CCCC, CWPA, and TYCA invite you to participate in a national “Listening Tour” with incoming college writers at the start of the fall term. Below you’ll find details describing how you can host a listening tour session on your campus and share the results so they make an impact nationally. Thanks for doing your part to get the voices of writing students and those who advocate on their behalf into the national discussion!


Listening Tour Introduction

The professional organizations for teachers of college writing are attempting to build a portrait of the experiences and expectations of incoming college composition students. By including the voices of college writers who are just starting on the higher education journey, we’d like to add another dimension to the national discussion about what it means to be college- and career-ready. We appreciate your participation in building this composite by hosting discussions on your campus. Please use this list as a discussion guide. You could choose to do this as part of a regular class session or more informally, outside of class. After the discussion, please note what you learned by recording your summary of the responses on this survey form. We will incorporate your responses into a public presentation about this project that we will share with the media no later than the National Day on Writing (October 20); please host your session and forward your impressions no later than September 30, 2013. NOTE: THE DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO MONDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2013.

If you would prefer to forward a video or audio capture of your students’ discussion or write a summary of their discussion rather than using the survey form, please forward these items to CCCC Liaison Kristen Suchor ( If submitting a video or audio capture, please complete a subject release form(s) and/or a video/audio release form and return to Kristen (subject release forms are needed for all video captures and any audio captures that identify individuals by name). Please contact Kristen with any questions about these forms and their use.

We realize that students bring different experiences to the classroom and may have little background with the subject of some of the questions below; feel free to eliminate or modify those that seem inappropriate for your class. We are interested in the issues associated with preparation for successful writing in college and the workplace, but don’t want to signal “right” answers to these questions or imply that there are problems if students don’t have background knowledge or experiences in some of these areas. Feel free to return to these questions later in the term or at any point in the future if you find them helpful. Thanks very much for participating in this initiative!

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