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Task Force on Social Justice and Activism at the Convention Pre-Convention Workshops

The CCCC Task Force on Social Justice and Activism at the Convention is looking for facilitators for the following pre-convention workshops. Please help us by sharing widely.

Workshop #1 (Wednesday, 9:00 – 12:30): Exploring Issues in Social Justice and Activism

This workshop will be set up in a round-robin format with four different “stations” focusing on different issues related to social justice work in institutional and civic settings.  Workshop participants will cycle through each of these four stations in 40-45 minute intervals, ensuring that every attendee has the chance to learn from each mini-workshop.  A small group of facilitators at each station will be responsible for leading attendees through their workshop (presentations, activities, discussions, etc.) for each of the four time slots available.  The goal of this workshop will be to help participants explore social justice and activism issues from the following perspectives:

  • Group #1: Social Justice and Activism in the Context of Program Administration and Service
  • Group #2: Incorporating Pedagogies of Social Justice in the Classroom
  • Group #3: The Possibilities and Limitations of Scholarly Work on Social Justice
  • Group #4: Safety, Security, and Public Awareness
Workshop #2 (Wednesday, 1:30 – 5:00): Planning for Social Justice Work in Home Institutions

This workshop will, we hope, build upon Workshop #1 with a focus on planning for social justice work in the participants’ home institutions at the curricular, programmatic, institutional, civic, research, and/or classroom level.  (It is not a requirement that participants in Workshop #2 have also attended Workshop #1, however.)  The specific goal of this session will be to share ideas, brainstorm approaches for implementing social justice work in local contexts, and help participants plan specific strategies that they can enact on their home campuses once they leave the conference.  In this session, participants will meet in small working groups (4-5 people) to discuss their individual contexts and plans for social justice work at their home institutions.  These breakout groups will meet for an hour, and participants will then move to a new table with a new group of people, to share and further develop their plans.

We are currently in talks with specific facilitators for Workshop #1’s groups, who will have more details at a later date. We will likely need 1-2 more facilitators for each of the Workshop #1 groups and 10-15 (or more) for Workshop #2 breakout groups. If interested, please email Romeo Garcia, Al Harahap, and Michael Pemberton expressing your interest in working in Workshop #1 (with specific Group #), and/or as a breakout group facilitator in Workshop #2, as well as your CCCC 2018 status as currently confirmed panel presenter, workshop facilitator, or neither. We hope to provide an opportunity for those who do not yet have a speaking role at the conference to be listed in the program, but depending on response are not ruling out those already on the program. The deadline for adding facilitators’ names into the Workshop descriptions in the conference Program Book is December 15th, so please respond ASAP if you have an interest.

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