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Get Connected: The CCCC Connected Community

Your CCCC Membership now includes access to the new CCCC Connected Community – an online interactive website designed to assist our members in their own professional goals.  The CCCC Connected Community is resource for all NCTE and CCCC Members that allows you to interact, share resources, and network with other members.  It allows you to:

  • CCC Online Issues – read, contribute, and interact. 
  • Interactive web content from Studies in Writing and Rhetoric Series, CCC, and FORUM
  • Robust profiles that allow members to search for others based on research interests, geographical location, university type, and much more
  • Discussion groups on a variety of topics of interest to CCCC members including teaching, research, technology, support for faculty writers, rhetoric, and more
  • Member-created public or private discussion groups (can be used for classes, research teams, and committees)
  • Public and private blogs
  • File sharing library and resources
  •  Mobile phone access so that you can access the Connected Community from anywhere
  • CCCC Talk: Extending conversations beyond our Annual Conference 
  • Online initiatives surrounding our Annual Conference


Questions? Ideas? Please contact CCCC Memberweb Editor Dana Lynn Driscoll at

Learn more about the CCCC Connected Community in this 1.5 minute video…
Learn more about the CCCC Connected Community in this 4.5 minute video…

Getting Started

To make full use of the Connected Community, log in using your NCTE username and password. If this is your first visit, please go to the “My Profile” tab on the top/left side of the page and take a few minutes to complete the “My Privacy Settings” and “My Profile” features. By doing so, you’ll be able to adjust how much information you share with others and you’ll be able to easily identify and network with others who share your professional interests or circumstances.

Your Communities

Next, take some time to just scan the site. You’ll find that you are already subscribed to the “NCTE Members Open Forum” — a collective discussion list and resource archive for all members.

If you serve in a governance or committee role for the Council, you should also be pre-subscribed to communities set up for these groups.

But, depending on your interests, you may elect to join any of the topically-focused communities or may elect to start your own. Just go to the “My Profile” tab and click on the “My Communities” link in the drop down menu that appears. You can use the search function there to look for a particular online community; you can scroll down to see all the communities already available to you; or you can click on the “Create a New Community” link to set up your own group. You’ll note that each community has both an “eGroup” discussion list and a “Library” for shared resources.


There are many other useful elements of your Connected Community to explore — the member directory, member blogs, shared teaching resources, discussion of timely news stories, member accomplishments, even a glossary of literacy terms. For tips in navigating the site, take some time to click on the “helpful hints” video clips or follow the step-by-step instructions. Thanks for taking the time to explore the Connected Community and making it your place to share and grow professionally.

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