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Language Policy Committee

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Students’ Right to Their Own Language

CCCC Guideline, April 1974, reaffirmed November 2003, annotated bibliograhy added August 2006


Language Knowledge and Awareness Survey

Conducted by the Language Policy Committee. This is the final research report from January 2000. The full survey can be found at the end of the report.

Committee Members

Elaine Richardson, Co-Chair
Denise Troutman, Co-Chair

Isabel Baca
Qwo-Li Driskill
David Green
Austin Jackson
Kim B. Lovejoy
Rashidah Jaami Muhammad
Geneva Smitherman
Victor Villanueva
Bonnie Williams-Farrier
Ana Celia Zentella

Committee Charge

Language Policy Committee

General Charge: The Language Policy Committee sponsors activities and initiatives related to linguistic discrimination, language rights, linguistic justice, and equitable approaches to language policies.


  • Keeps the field abreast of how language policies shape our country and our classrooms and puts forth recommendations based on best practices gleaned from state of-the-art research.
  • Conducts/updates the “Language Knowledge and Awareness Survey” of CCCC and NCTE membership.
  • Maintains, leads revisions of, and advocates for the principles outlined in the CCCC position statements related to their charge.
  • Sponsors an annual workshop at the CCCC Annual Convention composed of its committee members.
  • Collaborates with other committees on issues and concerns related to linguistic justice and needed improvements in pedagogy, resulting in collaborative action planning, workshops, and relevant research.


  • Members will serve three-year terms.
  • Chair: Selects members in consultation with administrative committee chairs and is responsible for fulfilling or delegating its charges.
  • Members: Assist Chair in fulfilling the responsibilities of its charges.



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