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Top Intellectual Property Developments of 2016

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Introduction to the 2016 Annual
Clancy Ratliff

Needless to say, 2016 was a humdinger of a year. We will remember it primarily as the year that Donald Trump shockingly received more electoral votes than Hillary Clinton in the
presidential election, and the year we lost many talented artists, including David Bowie,
Prince, George Michael, Carrie Fisher, and the very next day her mother, Debbie Reynolds.
It was also the year that the largest number of Indigenous tribes in a century gathered for
months at the Standing Rock reservation to protest the construction of the Dakota Access
Pipeline, a struggle that continues in the courts. Intellectual property developments
continued as always, as the eight excellent articles in this year’s CCCC-IP Annual show. Read on (full report).

 Table of Contents
 1 Introduction to the 2016 Annual
Clancy Ratliff
 3 Plagiarism in the Age of Trump
Camryn Washington, Joseph Myrick III, and Steven Engel
 11 Corruption, Higher Ed, and Russians (Oh My!)
Craig A. Meyer
 16 What’s in a Meme?
Cristina Hanganu-Bresch
 24 Snaps Without Props: Snapchat’s Blatant (Mis)Appropriation of Makeup Artistry
Devon Fitzgerald Ralston
 30 Fair Use and Feminist Critique: That’swhatshesaid’s (Copyright) Commentary
Chris Gerben
 34 A Case of Cruciverbal Coincidence, Carelessness, or the Great #Gridgate Scandal?
Wendy Warren Austin 
 40 Cultural Property versus Intellectual Property: The Cultural Appropriation Debate
Kim Gainer
 48 Shades of Things to Come? Apple Patents Technology to Remotely Disable iPhone Cameras
Traci A. Zimmerman
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