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Committee on Disability Issues

Committee Members

Dev Bose, Co-Chair
Ruth Osorio, Co-Chair

Susan Naomi Bernstein (2022-2023)
Margaret Fink (2022-2024)
Allison Hitt (2022-2023)
Millie Hizer (2022-2025)
Jo Hsu (2022-2023)
Ada Hubrig (2022-2024)
Vyshali Manivannan (2022-2025)
Amy Vidali (2022-2025)
Anne-Marie Womack (2022-2024)

Committee Charge

The committee is charged with the following:

  1. To continue to work with the NCTE/CCCC and the Convention Program Chair to make the convention increasingly accessible (through, for examples, creating and circulating in advance of the conference guidelines for accessibility and supporting an information table at the conference.)
  2. To promote best practices for access and full inclusion.  Accordingly, to help develop and maintain a website on disability issues and support the proposing of conference sessions on disability issues.
  3. To consult with NCTE on employment policies and practices to ensure access and full inclusion
  4. To identify funding sources for cost items such as the hiring of an ADA consultant.
  5. To research disability issues as they impact the writing classroom and the teaching and learning of writing.  Then, if appropriate, to develop proposals for educating the membership on these issues to be presented to the EC for approval.  Finally to consider whether it would be appropriate for the CCCC to adopt a position statement on the teaching of writing to students with disabilities.
  6. To combine with other committees where possible to improve efficiency.


The CDICC works to promote access at the CCCC conference. This has taken the shape of accessibility audits and guidelines for conference attendees regarding travel, accommodations, and the conference site. This has also taken the form of the disability access table at the conference itself and has also, increasingly, been activated by the promotion of accessible presentation and interaction guidelines. We are committed to modeling best practices for the creation of an accessible conference space, but also the creation of an accessible intellectual and interpersonal environment for all attendees. Finally, the creation of an accessible conference, with accessible presentations and an inclusive environment for all, becomes a model for each of us to take back to our classrooms, our institutions, and our communities.

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