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CCCC 2016 Taking Action Sessions

Come with Concerns—Leave with Strategies for Action

No matter where we teach, whether we are full-time or part-time, all of us encounter issues and challenges in our work lives. Compensation, employment status, program structures, teaching loads, assessment, staffing . . . the list is long.

As often as we encounter these issues, though, we don’t always have time to think systematically about how to approach them. Taking Action Sessions at CCCC 2016 are designed to provide conference attendees the opportunity to develop systematic strategies for addressing their concerns.

Taking Action Sessions will take two forms at CCCC 2016:

1. Taking Action Workshops, offered throughout the conference during regular sessions and open to all CCCC attendees, will be facilitated by professional organizers and strategists.

Each workshop will focus on specific steps associated with Taking Action, like:

  • naming and focusing issues;
  • assessing resources and building alliances;
  • framing and developing messages;
  • identifying appropriate tactical and strategic actions; and
  • making or contributing to policy.

To learn more about Taking Action Workshops and find others who share your concerns, join Twitter chats hosted by CCCC in April, September, December, and February. Follow @NCTE_CCCC and #4C16ACT for information!

2. Taking Action Presentations, proposed for CCCC 2016 through the submission process, will explore how writing has been used as a strategy for taking action. Taking Action Presentations will help attendees understand how presenters identified and took action about concerns. These presentations are intended to explicitly engage attendees in the development of frameworks for action that they can put into practice in the weeks and months after the conference.

You’ll hear more about the Taking Action Sessions in the coming weeks and months. For now, consider how these sessions might benefit you, your colleagues, and/or your program. Click here to share ideas or concerns and find out what others are thinking. Then submit a Taking Action Presentation or think about concerns to bring to the Taking Action Workshops at CCCC 2016!

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