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Dates, Sites, and Themes for Past CCCC Conventions

April April 3–6, 2024
Spokane, WA
“Writing Abundance: Celebrating 75 Years of Conversations about Rhetoric, Composition, Technical Communication, and Literacy”

February 15–18, 2023
Chicago, IL
“Doing Hop in Desperate Times”

March 9–12, 2022
Virtual Convention
“The Promises and Perils of Higher Education: Our Discipline’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Linguistic Justice”

April 7–10, 2021
Virtual Convention
“We Are All Writing Teachers*: Returning to a Common Place”

March 25–28, 2020 (Cancelled)
Milwaukee, WI
“Considering Our Commonplaces”

March 13–16, 2019
Pittsburgh, PA
“Performance-Rhetoric, Performance-Composition”

March 14–17, 2018
Kansas City, MO
“Languaging, Laboring, and Transforming”

March 15–18, 2017
Portland, OR
“Cultivating Capacity, Creating Change”

April 6–9, 2016
Houston, TX
“Writing Strategies for Action”

March 18–21, 2015
Tampa, FL
“Risk and Reward”

March 19–22, 2014
Indianapolis, IN
“Open | Source(s), Access, Futures”

March 13–16, 2013
Las Vegas, NV
“The Public Work of Composition”

March 21–24, 2012
St. Louis, MO
“Writing Gateways”

April 6–9, 2011
Atlanta, GA
“All Our Relations: Contested Space, Contested Knowledge”

March 17–20, 2010
Louisville, KY
“The Remix: Revisit, Rethink, Revise, Renew”

March 11–14, 2009
San Francisco, CA
“Making Waves”

April 2–5, 2008
New Orleans, LA
“Writing Realities, Changing Realities”

March 21–24, 2007
New York, NY
“Representing Identities”

March 22–25, 2006
Chicago, IL
“Composition in the Center Spaces: Building Community, Culture, Coalitions”

March 16–19, 2005
San Francisco, CA
“Opening the Golden Gates: Access, Affirmative Action, and Student Success”

March 24–27, 2004
San Antonio, TX
“Making Composition Matter:  Students, Citizens, Institutions, Advocacy”

March 19–22, 2003
New York, NY
“Rewriting ‘Theme for English B’: Transforming Possibilities”

March 20–23, 2002
Chicago, IL
“Connecting the Text and the Street”

March 14–17, 2001
Denver, CO
“Composing Community”

April 12–15, 2000
Minneapolis, MN
“Educating the Imagination: Reimagining Education”

March 24–27, 1999
Atlanta, GA
“Visible Students, Visible Teachers”

April 1–4, 1998
Chicago, IL
“Ideas, Historias y Cuentos: Breaking with Precedent”

March 12–15, 1997
Phoenix, AZ
“Just Teaching, Just Writing: Reflection and Responsibility”

March 27–30, 1996
Milwaukee, WI
“Transcending Boundaries”

March 22–25, 1995
Washington, D.C.
“Literacies, Technologies, Responsibilities”

March 16–19, 1994
Nashville, TN
“Common Concerns, Uncommon realities: Teaching, Research, and Scholarship in a Complex World”

April 1–3, 1993
San Diego, CA
“Twentieth Century Problems, Twenty-First Century Solutions: Issues, Answers, Actions”

March 19–21, 1992
Cincinnati, OH
“Contexts, Communities, and Constraints: Sites of Composing and Communicating”

March 21–23, 1991
Boston, MA
“Times of Trial, Reorientation, Reconstruction: A Fin de Siecle Review/Prophecy”

March 22–24, 1990
Chicago, IL
“Strengthening Community Through Diversity”

March 16–18, 1989
Seattle, WA
“Empowering Students and Ourselves in an Interdependent World”

March 17–19, 1988
St. Louis, MO
“Language, Self, and Society”

March 19–21, 1987
Atlanta, GA
The Uses of Literacy: A Writer’s Work In and Out of the Academy”

March 13–15, 1986
New Orleans, LA
“Using the Power of Language to Make the Impossible Possible”

March 21–23, 1985
Minneapolis, MN
“Making Connections”

March 29–31, 1984
New York, NY
“Making Writing the Cornerstone of an Education for Freedom”

March 17–19, 1983
Detroit, MI
“The Writer’s World(s): Achieving Insight and Impact”

March 18–20, 1982
San Francisco, CA
“Serving Our Students, Our Public, and Our Profession”

March 26–28, 1981
Dallas, TX
“Our Profession: Achieving Perspectives for the 1980’s”

March 13–15, 1980
Washington, D.C.
“Writing: The Person and the Process”

April 5–7, 1979
Minneapolis, MN
“Writing: A Cross-Disciplinary Enterprise”

March 30–April 1, 1978
Denver, CO
“Excellence in What We Do: Our Attitude Toward Teaching Composition”

March 31–April 2, 1977
Kansas City, KS
“Two Hundred Plus One: Communicating in the Third American Century”

March 25–27, 1976
Philadelphia, PA
“What’s Really Basic? A Bicentennial Review of the Basic Issues of English”

March 13–15, 1975
St. Louis, MO
“Untapped Resources”

April 4–6, 1974
Anaheim, CA
“Hidden Agendas: What Are We Doing When We Do What We Do?”

April 5–7, 1973
New Orleans, LA
“Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities”

March 23–25, 1972
Boston, MA
“Reconsidering Roles: What Are We About?”

March 25–27, 1971
Cincinnati, OH
“Coming Together—SOS from the Darkling Plain”

March 19–21, 1970
Seattle, WA

April 17–19, 1969
Miami, FL

April 4–6, 1968
Minneapolis, MN

April 6–8, 1967
Louisville, KY

March 24–26, 1966
Denver, CO

April 8–10, 1965
St. Louis, MO

March 25–28, 1964
New York, NY
“Freshman English: Return to Composition”

March 21–24, 1963
Los Angeles, CA
“The Content of English”

April 5–7, 1962
Chicago, IL

April 6–8, 1961
Washington, D.C.

March 31–April 2, 1960
Cincinnati, OH

April 2–4, 1959
San Francisco, CA

March 27–29, 1958
Philadelphia, PA

March 21–23, 1957
Chicago, IL

March 22–24, 1956
New York, NY

March 24–26, 1955
Chicago, IL

March 4–6, 1954
St. Louis, MO

March 13–14, 1953
Chicago, IL

March 28–29, 1952
Cleveland, OH

March 30–31, 1951
Chicago, IL

March 24–25, 1950
Chicago, IL

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