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Basic Rules for the Handling of Resolutions at the Annual Business Meeting

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  1. A call for Resolutions will appear in the February issue of College Composition and Communication. Proposed resolutions received by the chair of the Resolutions Committee two weeks before the conference require the signature of only five conference members; however, additional signatures are welcome as a means of indicating the base of support for the resolution.
  2. The function of the Resolutions Committee is to review all resolutions presented and to prepare resolutions of its own in areas in which it or the Executive Committee believes conference action is needed. Special attention will be given to including areas covered in sense-of-the-house motions passed at the last Annual Business Meeting. In reviewing resolutions, the Resolutions Committee is responsible for combining all resolutions that duplicate one another in substance and for editing all resolutions.  

    The Resolutions committee will report all properly submitted resolutions to the Annual Business Meeting with a recommendation for action.  

    Resolutions that call for conference action in the areas in which the CCCC Constitution assigns authority to the officers or the Executive Committee will be clearly labeled as advisory to the officers or the Executive Committee.

    Resolutions of appreciation may be prepared by the CCCC officers and may be presented by the Resolutions Committee.

    The Resolutions Committee will hold an open meeting during the Special Interest Group time period to clarify and discuss these resolutions with concerned conference members. It is especially urgent that the authors of resolutions or their delegates come to this meeting. Although no new resolutions may be added at this time, members suggesting additional resolutions will be informed that they may introduce sense-of-the-house motions at the Annual Business Meeting in accordance with the rule give in item 4 below. The Resolutions Committee will also have a closed meeting after the open meeting to make such editorial and substantive changes as the deliberations of the open meeting may suggest.

  3. As necessary, resolutions will be retyped so that complex changes will be incorporated into the copies of the resolutions distributed at the Annual Business Meeting.

    During the report of the Resolutions Committee at the Annual Business Meeting, one member of the committee will read the “resolved” portion of each resolution and move its adoption. Adoption will require only a simple majority of members present. Action will be taken on each resolution before the next resolution is presented.

    The CCCC officers at their post-convention session will determine the dissemination of, and the action to be taken on, all resolutions adopted.

  4. Members may offer sense-of-the-house motions for discussion and action. Such motions, if passed, will be announced to CCCC members, not as official CCCC statements, but as the will of the majority of members at the Annual Business Meeting. Sense-of-the-house motions can affect action by the Executive committee, or by another appropriate CCCC body, as well as become the substance of a resolution at the next annual convention. In order to be considered, sense-of-the-house motions of no more than 50 words must be presented in writing (three copies) to the chair of the Annual Business Meeting before the adoption of the agenda.

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