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When you agree to accept the nomination for Secretary, you are making a four-year commitment to serve as an officer of the CCCC Executive Committee.

The Secretary is responsible for preparing appropriate and accurate minutes for all meetings (the Annual Business Meeting, Executive Committee meetings, and Officers Meetings), certifying the correctness of these minutes, and distributing these minutes to the CCCC Chair and NCTE Headquarters. A draft of the minutes, or at least a list of motions and action items, should be prepared within 30 days of each meeting. The completed minutes should be prepared for distribution within 60 days. Minutes shall include:

  • A record of all motions and results
  • A summary of the discussion of each item
  • Notification of approved expenditures
  • Enclosures that are publicly available

Additionally, the Secretary prepares a report of Executive Committee actions and Annual Business Meeting actions for publication in the December issue of CCC. The Secretary is a voting member of the NCTE Board of Directors.

1. Meetings

The Secretary is responsible for attending all of the following meetings:

Attend an online orientation following election and prior to/at the start of the four-year term.

November (at the NCTE Annual Convention)

  • CCCC Officers Meeting (Saturday afternoon)
  • CCCC Executive Committee Retreat (Sunday afternoon)
  • CCCC Executive Committee Meeting (Monday, all day)


  • CCCC Officers’ Meeting (Arrive Friday afternoon, meet all day Saturday and a half day Sunday, return home on Sunday afternoon/evening)

March (at CCCC Annual Convention)

  • Officers’ Meeting (Tuesday afternoon)
  • Reception for new Executive Committee members and Local Arrangements Chairs (Wednesday evening)
  • CCCC Executive Committee Meeting (Wednesday, all day)
  • Opening General Session (Thursday morning)
  • Annual Business Meeting (Friday evening)
  • Awards Presentation (Friday evening)

Regular CCCC Officers’ virtual meetings—typically monthly or every two months.

2. Reimbursements

The Secretary receives travel, lodging, and meal reimbursement for CCCC and NCTE Conventions starting on the first day of duties and ending on the last day. All expenses in connection to the January Officers’ meeting are reimbursed.


Candidates agree not to campaign during the election process.

NCTE Policy on Campaigning


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