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Committee on Disability Issues in College Composition


CCCC accomplishes much of its work through the use of committees. It is because of committees that we have position statements, award programs, even a conference itself. When you agree to accept the nomination for the Committee on Disability Issues in College Composition, you are making a three-year commitment to serve as a member of the Committee on Disability Issues in College Composition.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • To maintain, lead revisions of, and advocate for the principles outlined in the CCCC position statement Disability Studies in Composition: Position Statement on Policy and Best Practices 
  • To select one member to serve on the EC according to procedures articulated in the Committee’s bylaws
  • To educate CCCC leadership and membership on disability and access before and during the Annual Convention, including
    1. Drafting and circulating the Convention Access Guide
    2. Hosting and staffing the access table at the Convention
    3. Producing guidelines for members and presenters about accessible and inclusive conference presentations
    4. Maintaining a website on accessible conference planning and attending  
  • To support the production of an Access Guide for each Convention, including
    1. Identifying a team to write the Access Guide
    2. Determining compensation provided by CCCC for this team
    3. Contributing a CDICC member to serve on the Local Arrangements Committee
    4. Helping to circulate the Access Guide
  • To submit a budget annually to the EC for approval to fund the CDICC’s accessibility work 
  • To present an annual report on accessibility and disability issues within the organization


  • Nine members elected by CCCC membership
  • Affiliate members, as needed 

Terms of Office

  • The terms of all chairs and members will commence thirty days after the NCTE Annual Convention next following the election, except that chairs appointed to fill a vacancy (Article IX, Sections 3 and 4) will take office upon their acceptance.
  • All chairs and members will serve for a three-year term; terms will be staggered so that no more than three seats will be filled in any election cycle.
  • A chair or co-chairs will be selected by the CDICC membership by the process spelled out in the bylaws.


  • The CDICC will hold open meetings at the CCCC Convention and provide virtual access. 
  • In addition, the CDICC will meet in conjunction with annual program planning, Convention meetings, and elections. Other meetings may be called at the request of the chair or co-chairs.
  • ASL interpreters and CART services will be funded by CCCC and available at the meetings. 

Candidates agree not to campaign during the election process.

NCTE Policy on Campaigning


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