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Workshop Descriptions

Each Taking Action workshop at CCCC 2016 will focus on a specific aspect of action-taking.

Taking Action Workshops 

Naming and Narrowing

Our concerns are many and broad – but to take effective action, we need to narrow to a definable problem. What is your concern? What’s the “so what” of your concern – to whom does it matter? And how can you narrow it to a workable, solvable problem? This Taking Action workshop will help you focus the issues so that you can take action on them. (Sessions A, D, F, I)

Building Alliances

We all do better working together. Who else is interested in your concern, and how can you build alliances with them? This Taking Action workshop will help you to identify possible allies and build connections so that you can approach your concern with others. (Sessions A, C, G, J)

Framing Messages

Exploring how stakeholder groups currently understand our issues (writing, students, learning, schooling, and more) is the first step in figuring out how to create change. The frames through which people perceive problems impact their willingness to be part of the solution. This workshop will help you learn how to use strategic framing to craft effective messages as part of your overall taking action campaign. (Sessions B, E, H, J)

Influencing Policy

Often, we want to change policies related to writing, material conditions for writing education, and writers. But “policy” often seems large and confusing and it’s hard to keep track of policy changes and to know where to begin. How can we make effective contributions to policy and policy discussions? This Taking Action workshop will help you learn more about where you can be most effective and how to contribute to ongoing policy and discussions. (Sessions B, D, H, K)

Making Action Plans

Once we’ve named and narrowed to a problem, built alliances, and thought about messages and possible results, it’s time to make an action plan. This Taking Action workshop will help you to put your thinking into practice and equip you with concrete strategies and tactics for next steps. (Sessions C, E, I, K)




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