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Social Justice at the Convention Committee (March 2024)

SJAC Mission Statement:

The Social Justice at the Convention (SJAC) Committee is committed to the principles of diversity, inclusion, equity, fairness, access, and equal representation in all aspects of our profession and in all the communities that we inhabit. We promote and advance these principles through education and activism at our annual convention: opposing racism and other forms of systemic oppression, providing forums for those whose voices have been silenced or marginalized, and promoting cultural change that will guarantee equal opportunities for all, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexuality, or national origin.

Committee Members

Antonio Byrd, Co-Chair
TBD, 2024 Co-Chair (Local Arrangements Chair)
Gina Atkins
Michael Baumann
Kathleen Cain
Elisa Cogbill-Seiders
Al Harahap
Megan Heise
Gabrielle Kelenyi
Maria Novotny
Lauren Obermark
Michael Pemberton
Maria Prikhodko
Nicole Ramer
Kristen Ruccio
Virginia Schwarz
Katherine Wills

Committee Charge
  1. Work with the program chair to understand their vision for the program and collaboratively outline a scope for the SJAC’s efforts at the convention within this vision.
  2. Within the program chair’s vision, collaborate with the local committee chair to develop social justice and local engagement activities that complement the convention theme, either via activities co-located or co-proximal to the convention, activities built into the convention program, and/or some other alternative.
  3. Regularly report the SJAC Committee’s work to the membership over the course of each year, inviting CCCC member volunteers and promoting attendee participation in activities at the convention.
  4. Promote a “culture of accessibility” at the convention through member education and by organizing sustainable methods of increasing member access and engagement, onsite and online, during the convention and post-convention.
  5. Assess each year’s activities and, within a month following the close of convention, develop a report with recommendations for the following year’s program chair and the EC.


Social Justice at the Convention Case Study, Hazelwood, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PDF)

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