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Past and Future Computers and Writing Locations and Hosts

(Note: These are mostly links to onsite conference hosts, although for 2009 and 2010, the online and online conferences were hosted by the same institution. Links will be added as they become available for the online conferences.)

2023: UC Davis (Carl Whithaus and Kory Lawson Ching)
2022: East Carolina U (Will Banks, Michelle Eble, and Erin Frost)
2020-21: No conference
2019: Michigan State U (Bill Hart-Davidson, Kristin Arola, and Dànielle DeVoss)
2018: George Mason U (Douglas Eyman)
2017: U of Findlay (Elkie Burnside)
2016: St. John Fisher College (Wendi Sierra)
2015: U of Wisconsin, Stout (Daniel Ruefman)
2014: Washington State U (Mike Edwards, Patricia Ericsson, Kristin Arola and Bill Condon)
2013: Frostburg State U (Jill Morris)
2012: North Carolina State U, Raleigh (Susan Miller-Cochran and Wendi Sierra)
2011: U of Michigan (Anne Gere and Naomi Silver)
2010: Purdue U (David Blakesley)
2009: UC–Davis (Carl Whithaus)
2008: U of Georgia (Christy Desmet, Neson Hilton, and Ron Balthazor)
2007: Wayne State U (Jeff Rice, Richard Marback, and Jeff Pruchnik)
2006: Texas Tech U (Rich Rice)
2005: Stanford University (Corinne Arraez)
2004: U of Hawaii and Kapi’olani Community College (Judi Kirkpatrick, Darin Payne and John Zuern)
2003: Purdue U (David Blakesley)
2002: Illinois State U (Ron Fortune and James Kalmbach)
2001: Ball State U (Linda Hanson and Rich Rice)
2000: Texas Women’s U (Dene Grigar, John Barber, and Hugh Burns)
1999: South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (Michael Day)
1998: U of Florida (Anthony Rue)
1997: Kapi’olani Community College (Judi Kirkpatrick)
1996: Utah State U (Christine Hult)
1995: U of Texas, El Paso (Evelyn Posey)
1994: U of Missouri, Columbia (Eric Crump)
1993: U of Michigan (Bill Condon)
1992: Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (Helen Schwartz, Linda Hanson, and Web Newbold)
1991: U of Southern Mississippi (Rae Schipke)
1990: U of Texas (Fred Kemp, John Slatin, Wayne Butler, and Locke Carter)
1989: U of Minnesota (Geoff Sirc and Trent Batson)
1987-88 No conference
1986: U of Pittsburgh (Glynda Hull)
1985: U of California, Los Angeles (Lisa Gerrard)
1984: U of Minnesota (Donald Ross)
1983: U of Minnesota (Lillian Bridwell-Bowles)

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