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Committee for Change (March 2022)

Committee Members

Janelle Jennings-Alexander, Co-chair
Bernice Olivas, Co-chair
Katherine Bridgman
Christina Cedillo
Frankie Condon
Everardo Cuevas
Adrienne Jones Daly
Mara Lee Grayson
David F. Green
Les Hutchinson
Tamara Issak
Trent M. Kays
Ashanka Kumari
Caitlyn Laughner
Lilian W. Mina
Lana Oweidat
James Chase Sanchez
Mark Daniel Triana
Melanie Yergeau

Committee Charge
  1. Research and come up with proposals for up to 4 structural changes to CCCC (e.g. policies, practices, guidelines, changes to the constitution or bylaws that affect either the organization and/or its annual convention) that address white supremacy and other social justice problems in the organization and its annual convention
  2. Develop a set of guidelines for ethical engagement at CCCC annual convention, which might also be used in other spaces that members congregate
  3. Provide the EC with two reports w/proposals each year for discussion/decisions at the NCTE EC meeting and the CCCC EC meeting.

Committee for Change—Reviewer Committee (March 2022)

Committee Members

Nicholas Behm, Chair
James Eubanks
Holly Hassel
Stephanie L. Kerschbaum
Kyle Larson
Heather Listhartke
Alexandria Lockett
Dan Melzer
Angela Morris
Sherwin Kawahakui Ranchez Sales
Carl Schlachte
Virginia Schwarz
Jeanine Williams

Committee Charge
  1. Provide timely, substantive, and meaningful feedback to the monthly updates that the CCCC Committee for Changes offers
  2. Provide a report on the feedback you offered to the CCCC Committee for Change once a year (due for the CCCC EC meeting in the spring)


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