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Committee on Computers in Composition and Communication (November 2018) - Previous Revision

April 2008 Update

     The 7Cs supports composition teachers and scholars (and those in related fields) who work with digital technology. This CCCC committee is responsible for selecting the onsite and online hosts for the annual Computers and Writing conferences as well as for organizing the Computer Connection presentations at the annual CCCC conference. 7Cs is also responsible for coordinating the Technology Innovator Award, which is presented annually at the C&W onsite conference.

     This committee of nine voting members works closely with its associated Task Force, which is comprised of any constituents interested in promoting digital technology issues. (Interested constituents can join the 7c-l listserv, on which Task Force members discuss issues that support the 7Cs fulfillment of some of its charges.) Some current 7Cs projects include the annual Computer Connection at CCCC, revising the 1998 Position Statement on Promotion and Tenure for Work with Technology, and coordinating efforts with other CCCC committees and caucuses to pass a resolution promoting the Open Source Opens Thinking initiative.

Committee Members

Cheryl Ball, Chair
Samantha Blackmon
Michael Day
Keith Dorwick
Doug Eyman
Sarah Quick
Janice Walker
Joyce Walker
John Walter

Committee Charge

This committee exists to:

  1. provide national leadership for directing and using computer technologies for writing,
  2. continue to sponsor and present workshops, panels and demonstrations at CCCC and NCTE-sponsored conferences, including regular organization at CCCC national conferences of a software sampler room, with hands-on demonstrations and qualified consultants present. Include in these activities attention to open source and community source projects and software, calling attention to best practices, when possible, and providing guidelines on issues and strategies,
  3. support continuity in the annual Computers-in-Writing Conferences, by coordinating the search for a sponsoring university and the transfer from site to site, maintaining mailing lists and other records, providing advice and logistical support for the conference planners, and assisting in publicizing the conference,
  4. serve as resource personnel: promoting bibliographies, journals and publications related to computers in writing; promoting the purchase and use of all NCTE publications relating to computers, and
  5. coordinate the efforts of the members of the Computer Committee with the initiatives of other groups (such as the NCTE Instructional Technology Committee).

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