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College Composition and Communication, Vol. 53, No. 3, February 2002

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Table of Contents

  • Rhetorics of Survivance: How American Indians Use Writing

    Malea Powell

    Abstract: In this story I listen closely to the ways in which two late nineteenth-century American Indian intellectuals, Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins and Charles Alexander Eastman, use the discourses about Indian-ness that circulated during that time period in order to both respond to that discourse and to reimagine what it could mean to be Indian. This use, I argue, is a critical component of rhetorics of survivance.

    Keywords: College

  • Making Connections: Addressing the Pitfalls of White Faculty/Black Male Student Communication

    Lisa M. Gonsalves

    Abstract: Classroom assignments, especially papers, often serve as the catalyst for many of the interactions that take place between Black male students and white faculty. This essay identifies some of the pitfalls that contribute to the breakdown of communication between white faculty and Black male students during interactions over student writing; it points out the behaviors that both constrain and facilitate these interactions, and it offers suggestions for how faculty can improve their interactions with this population of students. The essay concludes with suggestions for improving faculty awareness of how racial dynamics impact student/faculty interactions over student writing.

    Keywords: College

  • Empowering Rhetoric: Black Students Writing Black Panthers

    Gwendolyn D. Pough

    Abstract: This article examines Black student responses to Black Panther Party documents and how those documents moved the students toward change. I maintain that by allowing the classroom to function as a public space in which students can discuss the issues that matter to them, teachers can help to foster and encourage student activism and ultimately their empowerment.

    Keywords: College

  • Making Places as Teacher-Scholars in Composition Studies: Comparing Transition Narratives

    Resa Crane Bizzaro

    Abstract: This article compares entrance-to-the-profession narratives of the past thirty years. Selecting major theorists and senior and junior minority scholars, the author describes their efforts to become professionals in the field. The Native American author argues for including Other voices in analyzing the history of composition studies.

    Keywords: College

  • Diving for Pearls: Mentoring as Cultural and Activist Practice among Academics of Color

    Gail Y. Okawa

    Abstract: For senior scholars of color like Geneva Smitherman and Victor Villanueva, mentoring is more than an academic exercise. From them and their protégés, we may gain some understanding of the complexities and costs of building a multiethnic/multiracial professoriate in our discipline.

    Keywords: College

  • Journal of an Exemplar

    Lynn Quitman Troyka

    Abstract: Using a journal format, I recall vignettes with a personal slant from the history of CCCC, NCTE, TYCA, and Open Admissions at CUNY. They serve as setting for my brief public remarks, included here, made in response to being given the CCCC Exemplar Award at the 2001 CCCC Convention in Denver, Colorado.

    Keywords: College

  • From the Editor

    Marilyn M. Cooper

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: College


    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: College

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